Betway Plus Points VS Tier Tokens


Betway gambling website focuses on sports betting. But it also offers many options for players who love slots and live casino games. However, regardless of what gambling form is your favorite, you can easily earn Betway Plus points and get rewarded.

What is Betway Plus?

Betway Plus is a loyalty scheme for active players and bettors. In other words, if you constantly wager money on Betway games, you can get perks from the casino.

If you are new to Betway, you might be confused by its rewards system. The thing is that there are two types of points: comp points and plus points. Let us explain to you the features of these points.

Betway Tier Tokens

Tier tokens are also known as comp points. They indicate your level and status at the casino. To move through the levels, you need to collect these comp points. To do this, you need to play games for real money. For each $10 wagered, you can receive 5 tier tokens.

The number of comp points you earn depends on the form of your gambling activity: casino games or sports.

If you play casino games, here’s how much they contribute towards tier tokens in percentage:

Online slots and parlour games — 100%
Roulette, table poker, sic bo, Red Dog — 50%
Baccarat, blackjack, video poker, craps — 10%
Classic Blackjack, Jacks or Better, aces and power poker — 2%

If you prefer to bet on sports, their odds will have different contribution percentages as follows:

Odds of 1.75 and higher — 50%
Odds of between 1.30 and 1.74 — 25%
Odds of 1.29 and lower — 5%

if your aim is to collect the highest number of comp points and move through the Betway tiers, you need to remember this percentage distribution. In your case, it’s better to play slots and parlour games. Or if you prefer sports betting, you need to wager on sports with odds of 1.75 and higher.

Betway Plus Points

Plus points can be redeemed for bonus money and free bets. In other words, you can use them as banknotes to buy Betway bonuses. To collect plus points, you need to play games or bet on sports events with real money.

The number of Plus points is indicated in your account. So, you can always check how many of them you have. Remember that if you don’t use them within three months, they will be forfeited. So, hurry up to collect the points and get your rewards.

To get your first bonus from Betway Plus, you need to collect 5,000 plus points. This sum is equivalent to $10 in bonus money or $3 in free bets.

Various ongoing Betway promotions can help you earn Plus Points. If you actively participate, Betway can reward you with some Plus points.

In Conclusion

The loyalty scheme at Betway is a bit different from programs of other casino sites. But as soon as you join it and start earning points and move through the levels, you will understand how it works. All in all, you need to earn both Betway Plus points and tier tokens to increase your Betway status.